Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We are committed to working towards a recycling-oriented society through our activities in the manufacturing industry, such as metal sheet processing and the production of frame parts etc. We fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen through our business activities by establishing and regularly reviewing targets and objectives to reduce our environmental footprint and by making every possible effort to improve our environment management system and prevent pollution.
We will comply with laws and regulations concerning environmental preservation and all other requirements agreed to by Key Technology.
We are engaged in the following in order to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We will ensure the effective use of sheet metal and make every possible effort to save resources.
  • We will promote energy-saving measures as part of our efforts to prevent global warming.
  • We will aim to reduce waste materials produced through our business activities and promote separation and recycling.
This environmental policy is communicated to all company employees, is on display in the workplace and is accessible to the public.


Basic Policy

At Key Technology, we perceive the observance of laws and regulations, something that forms the basis of our business activities, and behavior in line with corporate ethics as “compliance”. Compliance is positioned as one of our top management priorities and we are actively working to enhance our compliance levels. In accordance with this understanding, Key Technology is implementing employee training to thoroughly instill compliance in all of our work practices. With the aim of ensuring that our executive officers and employees can put compliance into practice in their day-to-day behavior, Key Technology is working to cultivate a shared set of values and culture in that “compliance is our social responsibility” while also promoting the establishment of a specific compliance framework. Moving forward, Key Technology will continue to respect the different laws/regulations, cultures and customs of different countries and areas while promoting compliance from a worldwide perspective.

Basic Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

Key Technology sets forth its basic policy against anti-social forces as follows and shall work to maintain appropriate and safe business practices by ensuring it is observed by our executive officers and employees.

1.Our policy as an organization
Key Technology shall establish express provisions in our code of ethics and internal regulations etc. about anti-social forces and shall address this on an organizational level, from top level management downwards. Further, the Company ensures the safety of our employees against anti-social forces.
2.Prevention of all dealings with anti-social forces, including business transactions
Key Technology shall not have any dealings, including business transactions with anti-social forces.
3.Civil and criminal legal response in situations that call for action
Key Technology shall reject any unjustified demands made by anti-social forces and where necessary shall respond with both civil and criminal proceedings.
4.Prohibition of under-the-table-deals and funding
Key Technology shall not engage in under-the-table deals with anti-social forces.
Key Technology shall not provide funding to anti-social forces.